4 Days, Still in Pain After SmartLipo on Waist and Outer Thighs

Not sure if I like it or not. 4 days post op and...

Not sure if I like it or not. 4 days post op and I'm in a huge amount of pain still. My pain has eased up a little but I was under the assumption that it would not be this painful. I have notice that Iv lost a pant size so overall I achieved what I wanted but I feel like this pain is never going to end.

I have extrem pain around my waist and it hurts mostly on my back. I had waist and outer thighs done and other areas are easing in pain but the waist pain is just as much as it was the first day. Is this normal?

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Not sure yet if I would recommend

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I am considering having this procedure done and have been searching for a doctor. Could you tell me who your doctor is and could you share some photos?
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Do you have any pictures of before and after that you can share with us?
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