Need Fixing - Had Lipo Gone Wrong

I wanted to have my saddlebags removed, but was...

I wanted to have my saddlebags removed, but was otherwise happy with my body. My surgeon was overly aggressive though and left me with a sagging bottom (more on one side than the other) and large indents like holes at each hip joint, as well as un-even looking thighs. I look strange and am embarressed to wear the tight work-out clothes now... let alone a swimsuit!! My self-esteem is worse not better now!

What can I do? Who can I see to fix this? I live in the Bay Area.

Dr. Kincaide

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You seriously need to read my story - I am sorry and here for you.
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okay hold on there is a procedure that I just saw on dr. 90210 where they fix the cellulite and indentations. Search Dr. Manus and see if you can find it. It is a procedure where a girl Tabitha thought she had cellulite.
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you are not alone. I am sorry that it turned out the way that it did. What does your doctor say? Is he thinking about a touch up or not commenting at all?
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I havnt been back to him yet. I have requested a copy of the before and after photos and thought I would look at those and consider what my next steps should be..
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