SmartLipo on Upper/lower Abs - Lumps After 1 Month

I am 1 1/2 months out from having smart lipo on my...

I am 1 1/2 months out from having smart lipo on my upper and lower abs. I still have small bumps/lumps on my abs. I did lymphatic massages 6 times and massage every night before bed. When should these lumps go away? I am very tight in the skin, but worry when I stretch out my abs, the small lumps are very noticeable. The results look great, but simply concerned.

Also, I did a Body Wrap where I was wrapped with ace bandages soaked in minerals and then did light exercise.. this process allowed me to lose toxins which resulted in 4 in loss throughout my abs, therefore giving me loose skin again in that area. SHould I not have done that? How quick does skin tighten?

When do the lumps go away??
hello. did your lumps ever went away? i have very hard lumps and I am very concerned... what helps getting rid of them? thanks!
Thanks Sharon, I was also wondering about this. :)

I went to {edited}. I am very happy with the results and would definitely recommend him. He is actually the surgeon whom teaches other surgeons about the smart lipo. His staff is great and are always available to answer questions. I believe he is featured on the smartlipo website. I have also heard sono bello is good to, but more expensive.. Hope that helps!!

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Dr Todd Malan

very informative and great price with little to no pain

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