Dr. Didnt Perform Smartlipo on the Area I Wanted

I recently got smartlipo done and when I had my...

I recently got smartlipo done and when I had my consultation I specifically said I wanted my love handle gone (which I believe is that fat that buldges out of my pants) and I also got a price quote for upper and lower abs. So I was gettin a great deal and didnt realize until a month later the dr didnt remove the fat from my entire love handle, just in the front.

Im confused on what to do and not happy that Im not getting what I wanted and what I paid for. The dr wants to charge me more money what he says is my lower back, not flank and hes charging me just as much as the other 2 areas I got done. Plus my stomach looks worse than before to top it off.

I wanted a mini hour glass shape , I work out somewhat and certain areas were difficult for me and figured I would pay to get what I wanted and now Im upset and displeased.

I am thinking about having it done in Az and there are several doctors that do the procedure, I would like to know who you went to because I am thinking about going to Dr. Malan

{edited} in Glendale, AZ. I hope you get the results that ur looking for.

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He said the only reason it was such a great deal was because I had very little fat to remove so there would be a lot less time being used on this procedure for me. My main concern was the fact that I specifically requested my love handles which are the flanks to be removed and he only did the front of the flank not the back of the flank. Maybe I should take him to court since he isnt providing me with the services I paid for.

Can anyone suggest something I can do?

Can anyone suggest something I can do?
Name not provided

I dont like the fact that Im not happy with the what has happened and obviously there was a lack of communication or understanding and wants to get more money out of me, he's the doctor not me, he should of had a good understanding of what i wanted.

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