Slim Lipo on Stomach and Sides - NY

I just had slim lipo done yesterday on my stomache...

I just had slim lipo done yesterday on my stomache and sides and doing pretty well today. The procedure was uncomfortable and at times painful until they finally gave me enough meds to basically knock me out.

I slept most of the day after the procedure and when i woke up i was sore. sitting down and getting up isnt fun. I dont know how anyone does this on their own. gonig to the bathroom is difficult especially because I see the "draining" the most at this time.

Today is a lot better, im on 2 different anitbotics which I dont think I could do without lol. I can already see results but swollen and a little bruising. In 2 weeks i will be getting my back, inner thighs, and arms done, a little more nervous since i know what to expect.

I would definitly recommend taking something to take the edge off before the procedure, which i didnt do but will request the next time since it was an option. I cant wait to see how I look after healing!

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and i was swollen too for about 2 weeks and a lot of my areas were hard as well. I wouldnt worry about that unless it doesnt calm down after a couple weeks.
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I am doing well, sorry I havnt updated. I have lost about 2 paint sizes and now since its been a couple of months the weight lose is slowing down. How are your results so far?
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Hey how are you doing? I have not seen any updates on your results. I had mine done 3 weeks ago and am very swollen and hard on my lower abdomen but am hopeful that it will go away.
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