Slim Lipo of Abdomen and Flanks So Worth It!

I had slimlipo done in mid September and I am...

I had slimlipo done in mid September and I am thrilled! I had my abdomen and flanks/lower back done. I have always felt like a had a boyish figure with no waist to speak of and now I feel like I have one for the first time. I had regular lipo once before and there was so much bruising and downtime with mediocre results. This procedure was a total breeze in my opinion.

I was under twilight sedation and felt very minor discomfort. You will definitely need someone to drive you home. I had no bruising, just leaked for 24 hours and was tender for a solid two weeks. The hardest part is just being patient to see the great results- and I didn’t have to wait long at all! I saw improvement the day following and it just gets better every day. Instead of going straight down, I actually have a waist for the first time. I will post pictures.

I was lucky to not have any lumpiness. If you do the procedure be very diligent about rolling and massaging so that you get results quicker and prevent any lumpiness. It was significantly more expensive than regular lipo and worth the extra cost in my opinion. Because the laser melts the fat, your body does not go through the trauma of the harsh manual probing and sucking of the large canula. Please follow your post op directions as far as lympatic massage and compression garments and you should have a great result with much less downtime and trauma of regular lipo.

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One of the top slim lipo docs on the east coast- has more than anyone- can see pictures on website

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I also had slim lipo on my neck, and looks like I had a neck lift. This was the best thing that I ever have done and would do it again. There was no down time. I did my slim lipo on Thursday morning and went to work the next day. Dr. Lewis Obi also did my slim lipo and he was excellent and so was his staff.
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The results were good for me- but you must comply with the garment and be diligent about the post op instructions with the rolling and the endermologie.
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I am concerned anout all this. Im getting slim lipo done July 6th. Im a bit scared because I seem to keep hearing bout the puffyness that doesnt seem to go away. Im getting my abdomen, flanks, thighs done. Please let me know if this procedure is worth it?
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your pics look great! 7 weeks ago, I had smart lipo done mainly on my lower abdomen. I wore the compression garment two weeks straight and my abs looked stomach was very flat. I then noticed that after I remove the garment, my stomach tends to look a little "poofy" and not as flat. I was wearing the garment at night so when I woke up in the morning, my stomach looked flat and nice but a few hours later, it would go back to looking how it did before. I met with my doctor yesterday and he said it is the result of swelling and that eventually, my stomach will look like it does with or without the garment but my concern is only 500 cc's were taken out and I don't even look/feel swollen...did u have this same issue? I'm just afraid that I will only be satisfied with my stomach after I wear the garment.
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I had my lower and upper abdomen done may 28, 2010. Almost 4 weeks ago. the first week my stomach was really flat but ive been noticing my stomach is slowly starting to look like how it did before. I notice lit lumps here and there. I wear the garment religiously and still wearing it. they never mentioned about massaging it to prevent lumps. Is it too late to start now?
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I read your post and was wondering how you are feeling now and has your lumpiness gone away?
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