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Hard Lumps from Slim Lipo on Midsection

I had slim lipo 2 weeks ago and I have a very hard...

I had slim lipo 2 weeks ago and I have a very hard lump across the entire bottom of my lower abdomen.

The procedure itself was very easy and not much pain at all but I am a bit worried about the large very hard lump. Overall I think I am happy but I am assuming it is too early to judge.

Updated on Nov 16, 2009
Love my slim lipo results but worried about becoming pregnant immediately after. My abdomen was beginning to get completely flat after the swelling and lumps went away but now its starting to grow again due to the pregnancy.I had slim lipo on my entire midsection. Will the hard lump on my lower abdomen go away?
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Not sure that I am completely satisfied with my results yet.

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I had Slim Lipo done in February and it's now September and I still have lumps and indents all over my abdomen. It looks horrible and I don't know what to do. The doctor hasn't seen me in awhile, but she said it was normal about 3 months after the procedure. How to I smooth out my stomach???
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I'm very worried about this too... I'm about 10 days since procedure and my lower abdomen is so hard as well as a few places on top of my abdomen. Its actually hard for me to bend or sit because this squeezes it. I'm very worried.
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How are you feeling now? I was looking up Radiance too, and have a lot of fat above the belly after 2 pregnancies. Are you seeing results yet and do you look slimmer under your clothes yet?
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I went to Radiance Med Spa in Mt. Kisco and the staff is wonderful. The manager and Dr. are amazing and very comforting. I was a bit worried but I was really big around the mid section and they did a huge change to my abdomen area. I am definately progressing but I am very inpatient also so it feels like forever.
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Where did you go?
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I have to say that it is now 4 weeks and the lump is going away and skin is a bit sensitive to touch but all seems to be getting better. I feel more confident that I will be happy with my results. I went to my Dr on Tuesday and he is very happy with my progress and did confirm that the lump and swelling will go down.
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Lumps can occur with laser lipo procedures like Slim Lipo and Smart Lipo. Here's a related Doctor Q&A page that explains further and offers advice on what to do: Lumps after Smart Lipo on abdomen

Hope this helps and good luck with your recovery!

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Thank you for your comment...I will try to be a bit more patient with my final results. I have been massaging loyally every day so hopefully that will help.
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