Sleepy Eyes Due to Botox

My Plastic surgeon injected me with Botox towards...

My Plastic surgeon injected me with Botox towards the corners of my eyebrows and it looked good. About 3 weeks later he injected my forehead and under the middle of my eyebrows for relief of the "hooding". 4 dys later I looked like "Sleepy" from the 7 dwarfs! I saw him today and he said I have to wait it out.

I am so disappointed. I used the same MD that did my brow lift (this past january and he said it relaxed!) and my full eye job. I have used Eye Docs and Gynecologists before and never had this happen- I thought by using a Plastic surgeon I'd be immune to this problem!

Pro-Can't think of one pro on this! Other than in the grand scheme of life this should be minor but I am upset that I paid to look like a dwarf!

Con is I have to live with hearing from folks- are you tired or you look tired! I thought I was done with this when I had the brow and eye lift!

Any advice on what to do now?
Botox over the brows freezes muscles that elevate...product below the brow freezes muscles that depress the brow...if you feel comfortable, see your surgeon and ask if a small dose below the brow will help elevate it and may help you look less tired! Hope this helps! Dr. C
There are ophthalmic prescription eye drops that stimulate "mueller's muscle". This muscle elevates the upper eyelid. the drops are used every 2-3 hours , & help the eyes open up a couple of millimeters. It offers quite a bit of improvement , until the Botox effect wears off in 6-16 weeks. The generic composition of the drops is : Apraclonidine. good luck
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I think the guy is a fair plastic surgeon but not experienced with botox.

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