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Silikon1000 in my Lips - No Results

I had Silikon 1000 lip injections about a month...

I had Silikon 1000 lip injections about a month ago now and see absolutely NO results. Is it possible that my body isn't sensitive to silicone oil to make collagen form around it?

I am really annoyed that I wasted my money on injections and wish I went with implants like I originally planned. Not only that but it was extremely painful even w/ the topical anesthetic used. I would need at least 10 sets of injections at this rate to get the results I wanted and I find that to be ridiculous.

Can I still get Permalip lip implants after getting 1 injection of Silikon 1000 in my lips?

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I had the same experience you can read all about it under screen name. Fortunately, Dr. Kass is local and I have a consultation Feb 28 and I'm confident he will give me the right amount to make a difference. I spent $750 with Dr. Swanson in Clearwater and he just took advantage and I was a willing, uneducated subject.
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I'm curious, did you end up getting the perma implants? I've had 1 cc of silikon so far and i'm very pleased with the results... it took a little while for it to build but it fluffed nicely. Youre doc is def ripping you off - i paid $300 per 0.5 cc.
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JerseyGirldv...I don't know how much cc Dr. Swanson used but are you saying that over time, your lips fluffed up and you don't need a 2nd tx? If you see my pictures, it does seem to have changed about a year later and then after I had micocurrent tx on face, seemed to fluff up again but not sure it's still like that.
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Yes. Of course you can get Perma Facial Implants for permanent lip augmentation, despite having had Silicon 1000 lip injections. I actually have had very good results and very happy patients with these implants. That said, I have also had very good results with Silikon 1000. I think the problem is that you had a very minute amount injected and, quite honestly, your MD charged considerably more for the amount injected than I would have. But we are in different areas and there may be geographic price variation. Good luck!
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I also had one treatment and 3 weeks later I see no results... he said you have to give time for the collagen to build and probably have to go back 3 times to get the desired results but its so expensive!
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What is your doctors explanation for this? I also had one silikan 1000 tx on my lips and after 6 weeks, I don't see any difference and the doctor says this is because it has to be slow and gradual for safety reasons. I don't know if this is true or not because I suspect it is more about keeping you coming back to make more money but I really don't know how to evaluate the truth. Look at the pictures by Dr. Joseph in Seattle. Two treatments and the results are beautiful. We really need to share our pictures and see what other people think. I hate to because I look so terrible when I don't smile...but I think that is the only way people are going to appreciate what we are talking about.
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