Silikon1000 in my Lips - No Results

I had Silikon 1000 lip injections about a month...

I had Silikon 1000 lip injections about a month ago now and see absolutely NO results. Is it possible that my body isn't sensitive to silicone oil to make collagen form around it?

I am really annoyed that I wasted my money on injections and wish I went with implants like I originally planned. Not only that but it was extremely painful even w/ the topical anesthetic used. I would need at least 10 sets of injections at this rate to get the results I wanted and I find that to be ridiculous.

Can I still get Permalip lip implants after getting 1 injection of Silikon 1000 in my lips?


I had the same experience you can read all about it under screen name. Fortunately, Dr. Kass is local and I have a consultation Feb 28 and I'm confident he will give me the right amount to make a difference. I spent $750 with Dr. Swanson in Clearwater and he just took advantage and I was a willing, uneducated subject.
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I'm curious, did you end up getting the perma implants? I've had 1 cc of silikon so far and i'm very pleased with the results... it took a little while for it to build but it fluffed nicely. Youre doc is def ripping you off - i paid $300 per 0.5 cc.
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JerseyGirldv...I don't know how much cc Dr. Swanson used but are you saying that over time, your lips fluffed up and you don't need a 2nd tx? If you see my pictures, it does seem to have changed about a year later and then after I had micocurrent tx on face, seemed to fluff up again but not sure it's still like that.
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