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Should Radiesse Feel Hard to the Touch Directly Following the Injection?

I had Radiesse treatment in my chin (to fix...

I had Radiesse treatment in my chin (to fix creases that were causing the look of "pouches" under my mouth). The overall look was much better following my injections but the skin was really tight and hard to the touch. There were even some pea-sized knots in places. The doctor told me that the hard knots were what holds up the skin.

I was disturbed that they were very noticeable to the touch and some were visible when I smiled. I was worried that I would have long lasting knots so I pushed the gel around slightly to make them less noticeable. A day afterward, everything looked great and I was sore as expected.

It has now been a week since my treatment and I don't see the improvement anymore. I can no longer feel the Radiesse under my skin and my problem looks only slightly improved. Overall it seems to be a waste of my money.

My opinion is still pending regarding my Radiesse treatment. As it stands now, there is hardly any noticeable improvement for the amount of money that I spent. This does not make me satisfied, but I may need another treatment to be able to see the results that I seek.

My question is a three-parter...(1) Is it normal for the radiesse to feel hard to the touch after it is first injected? I have read a lot online about how the material is soft like skin, so I was a little taken aback by the feel of it. My doctor told me that the hardness was fine. (2) Did my manipulation of the product cause it to be absorb too quickly? (3) How long after the first treatment should I think about adding more Radiesse to the area? Since there was a little bit of initial swelling, I think that may have given a false impression of improvement directly after the injections.
I had Radiesse injections along the nasolabial folds and also under my eyes to fill in the hollows. I am totally thrilled with the results. My Doctor took his time & worked like an artist sculpting a fine piece of art. I am returning to him for Juviderm Ultra on my lip lines and for fullness in my lips. I don't know why I waited so long - this has boosted my self-confidence, so I recommend this but only if you have a good referral to a Doctor who is board certified & does it on a regular basis.
Yes you can feel the radiesse on the injection site. I asked about this before I got the injection and also did my research before actually getting it done. I am happy with the result. My laugh line aged me.
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He was fine, but I don't know that I got the results I was seeking. For a first time filler patient I feel that some of my questions were not answered fully enough.

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