Tip Going to the Left After Open Septo Rynoplasty - England

I had a open septo rynoplasty and am very happy...

I had a open septo rynoplasty and am very happy with the profile except the tip which had gone to left(Far left).

pros....the dorsal hump has gone

cons....the tip is going to the left

Hi, I had a open septo rynoplasty 5 weeks ago and the tip has gne to the left. I have been advised by my surgeon that the steroid injection with help the tip go back to the centre. Is this correct? as i am under the impression that the steroid injection is used to reduce the swelling of the tip. Plase can you advice? Shakila Khan


5 weeks is too short time to judge results. Wait for at least 6 months to year to judge the results. Steroids can reduce tissue swelling and if the deviation is because of the swollen tissue it may help ,but unlikely that steroids will correct bony or cartilaginous deviation
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hi , my septoplasty looks a bit like yours , can you update us , did you eventually solve the bent tip problem , how long did the tip swelling take till it completely disappeared
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Hi I seem to have the same problem had a septoplasty 6 days ago to repair diviated septum but my nose tip is curving yo the left..has yours got better I'm really worried.
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