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This was a revision jaw surgery. had upper done 5...

this was a revision jaw surgery. had upper done 5 yrs ago. had more upper and the lower done this time and chin redone. instead of an extended genioplasty, that was reversed, and chin was done differently with a flipping procedure. Septum shifted out of groove after surgery requiring a septoplasty 6 wks later.

I had upper and lower jaw surgery followed six weeks later with a septoplasty because of some shifting that occurred, so that makes me 7 months post-op. I have some slight numbness and tingling in my face where the nerves are regenerating. Are there any benefits to using a massager on my face? I have a back massager that vibrates and have used it a few times on my face. It makes it feel itchy/tingly, like the circulation is improving. Is this okay to do on my face/around my nose? or is there really not much of a benefit, opposed to it just feeling good? thank you.
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Thanks so much for posting on RealSelf. Here's what some doctors have to say about massage after rhinoplasty. I realize you had genioplasty and septoplasty, but perhaps you'll find this information useful. Good luck!

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