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Bad Botox Results on Frown Lines and Forehead Wrinkles

I had Botox injection about 7 weeks ago to...

I had Botox injection about 7 weeks ago to eliminate frown lines and wrinkles from my forehead. Now I am suffering from severe eyelid drooping. I had botox once before a few years ago and nothing like this happened. I look like a monster.

You have my total sympathy. I also look like a monster and it has only been three weeks. I have so long to go before there will be any improvement that some days I just feel despair. I also personally like my botox provider and feel that she is very qualified and professional. My result is so bad that I am worried that I am going to lose my job because I keep calling in sick on the days when it looks super bad. (Read my review if you want the full picture of my horror!) Hang in there. As they say, it is temporary. You should already have started to get some movement back in your forehead so you can at least work on strengthening the muscles again. You are not alone - let us know how you are doing.
Georgia General Surgeon

He is a great surgeon and overall great person, just because this happened to me doesn't mean that it will happened to someone else.

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