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Home Jessner's and 20% TCA Peel

Home Jessner's and TCA (20%) peel. It worked...

Home Jessner's and TCA (20%) peel. It worked really well and was affordable. But I did a second peel in some areas of my face only a week later, evitably far too soon, I now know that the time in between peels is as crucial as the peel itself.

I have unsightly red streaks on my face, but since it is day 2, I am hopeful that this is just part of the healing process.


I have used this product for the first time 2 days ago. Before this I have been using very light peels every couple of week. This peel combo seems like it is going to work well. I could only leave the TCA on for 1 min after 2 min of the J solution. I am a medical professional and did my research. I have noticed that my skin peel was applied uneven. I have seen others ask about this but no real answer. I will be more careful next time and see what happens.
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where did u get ur tca peel solution online or from an actual shop?
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Yes way too soon. Use Neosporin until it heals. These peels are usually only done professionally with a 15 percent pure solution. The skin needs to heal for 3 months before having any other peel. Do not go in the sun, you will pigment your skin and its not easy to fix. Good luck.
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