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Active FX - Don't Bother. Erbium Was Better.

They promised I would be thrilled with the results...

They promised I would be thrilled with the results of the Active FX.

I had shopped around, asked all the right questions and finally had the procedure done..little to no results in any changes to my skin appearance. What I did notice though was a slight tightening of my jowl/jawline. Thats about it.

I had Erbium done a year earlier with MUCH better results.

Barring the variable of individual results, which in most cases is valid, in that it works for some, and doesn't for others, I clearly see the COST of your active fx. Have you ever heard, you get what you pay for? Have you ever thought that might be true? Sorry, but you said you shopped around. Honestly, I can't even believe you found such a price. AND, for such a price that seems quite a bit lower than the norm (I am someone who has shopped around too, and had active and deep fx), I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. The machines can obviously be turned on different settings, the pre/post op care can be quite different from doc to doc, some offices use nurses instead of docs to administer, in fact some offices can use second hand machines - god knows how they're calibrated and maintained. sheesh, there are so many variables. Active, deep fx was definitely worth it for me. BUT, I would go so far as to say that the price you paid may disqualify you from making any truly valid statement about whether it worked or not. When I'm shopping for gas or certain groceries, I look mainly for price. When it comes to my FACE, for God's sake, I don't choose the cheapest LOL, which is certainly what was important to you. Would you choose the cheapest contractor to remodel your house??? There is a reason some businesses can undercut others - and much of the time it is because they cut corners and you, the consumer, will get inferior service, ripped off, and it is you who will pay in the end. I just don't like to see bad reviews on things, when people try to get something for nothing. Take into account everything before posting a review. Others are looking for help, direction, advice, insight, recommendations, and you can mislead them by not considering all facets of your situation, such as, you may not have received adequate service in deciding to pay so little. Did the same people/office do the erbium on you? Do you know the settings of your active fx? Try deep fx next time, but it's a good week's downtime.
total fx was a total waist of time and money with no result at all..dont bother doing this procedure. 3000 dollars down the grain. after 2 month of the procedure I still dont see any result at all and i feel i look worse than even. My acne scar are more visible than before and face turns red tomato during the day specailly when the weather is hot. Is there anyone who can help me when can I get result or I just got ripped off by my doctor?.....

I feel this place is all about the money and not the consumer

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