Sculptra Lumps in Hands

Lumps in hands from sculptra after approx 6 months...

lumps in hands from sculptra after approx 6 months. I have about 15 lumps on my hands. Scultpra don't want to know. Nor does the person who did it. I had 3 cut out but they just grew back. Some are rock hard. Others are softer.

My hands are totally disfigured. I don't know how to sue. One doctor has said it is because bacteria have got into my skin but looking at all the other people with problems, I don't think so!

Any one got any help? Desperate as to what to do. Please someone help as totally disfigured.

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lumps in hands!

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Sculptra has just been approved in the U. S. this week for cosmetic use. I wanted to this awhile back before approval but after reading all the comments am unsure. What I would like to say to those that have had problems is that here in the U. S. you can be sure anyone who has not been satisfied and has had problems would not think twice about a law suite. There are plenty of lawyers who will take on your case at no charge if they feel they can win. Something to think about.
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I to have had sculptra on my face back in May. I am left with very sore lumps on my and find it difficult to wash my face without getting a very painful pinching feeling. I went back to the so called surgeon and he basically said that there isnt much I can do, he said that it can be years before it leaves my body, Thankfully you cant notice it, but its very painful and i wish that I never had it done, but i guess you never know until you try it.
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I don't want to alarm you further but it would appear that some people's bodies simply do not like Sculptra. The body sees it as an invader and attacks it causing the lumps (overly-simplistic explanation, sorry).

As to a lawsuit, I am in Australia and I am not sure if there is currently a class action going on in the US or UK. Apparently the lumps are nothing to do with injecting technique, it is the body's reaction to the product itself. I understand from the posts of others (Michelle P for example) that Sculptra was only approved for general cosmetic use by the FDA at the end of July (two weeks ago) and previously had only been approved for facial wasting of HIV sufferers. The general cosmetic use of Sculptra was therefore 'off-label'. Let us know how you are doing.

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PLEASE REPORT YOUR ADVERSE EVENT (INCLUDING ALL SIDE EFFECTS YOU ARE EXPERIENCING) TO THE FDA (USA) and THE MHRA (UK). The link for online reporting to the FDA is: You can remain anonymous. You can also make a UK 'Yellow Card' report at: I am in Australia and I have to say that when I made my adverse event report about botox to the FDA and filed a 'Blue Card' report to the TGA in Australia it made me feel a lot better. It helped with some of the helpless and angry feelings of despair because I felt like I was doing something positive and proactive that might prevent other people from having the same terrible experience with injectables as I did. I hope it might help you too. Best of luck.
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Did your lumps ever go away?
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