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Trial run i was not informed it could leave your...

trial run i was not informed it could leave your skin pitted after five years, but i know of no other treatment i have had that would cause this.

five years after having some sculptra injections in cheek wrinkles my skin looks somewhat pitted. the surgeon who used the sculptra say is looks more like fishermans skin. what is that? i think i was the sculptra. is that possible? what can i do.

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just a trail period

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I challange anyone to say when sculptra is gone. as long as it remains in your body there are risks of adverse events. the most recent biopsy 33 months from sculptra injection shows the product persists with foreign body granulomas. Please Dr. Thiagarajah, tell me when will the biocompatable (almost) poly l lactic acid clumps or particles be gone? I really want to know and Sanofi aint saying.
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Unlikely that it is the sculptra 5 years later. Do you have photos?
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