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Very Lumpy - Horrible!

Pros: None Cons: Lumpy - Lumps last a long time. ...

Pros: None
Cons: Lumpy - Lumps last a long time.

I had 1 sculptra treatment over 2 years ago. I am still dealing with lumps! I've even had the lumps treated with a steriod called canalog (not sure of the spelling). I am still trying to get rid of lumps. Even the smaller lumps are visible in natual lighting. Stay awayfrom this filler. Use Restalyne or Juvederm.

Providence Dermatologist

She obviously doesn't know what she's doing. Said she could "fix" the lumps and did nothing. I had to go to another doctor.

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P.S. it was Kenalog, a steroid....probably didn't help
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Finally! Someone speaks the truth. This is not about the Surgeon - the product causes disfigurement in many. I'm always so angry every time I check this site and see more victims. Sanofi/Dermik/doctors who continue to promote Sculptra - if you're listening, you're going down! Maybe not today, but sometime tomorrow, we're gonna expose you and you will pay for knowingly hurting so many people in the name of $$. A responsible drug co would NEVER keep a product on market and use every day people as your test subjects, knowing full well that you have not tested this product thoroughly, and are subjecting people to outward, and inward health problems because if it. You got a sympathy vote to get this #$^! in the USA. knowing that many overseas have been disfigured, that 50% of your test subjects had adverse reactions. Look behind your shoulder, we will stop you from hurting more.
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Yep, it's gonna happen. It's been almost three years now since I was injected. My dermatologist let the gal...and I'm not even sure if it was a nurse! Inject my lips. I never told you guys that. I said I'd like some in my lips because I had never heard of this product they were promoting! Well, she said sure and I got it. Nice huh? I have lumps in my lips now for three years. They aren't painful everyday but they are there and I am VERY AWARE of them. If I kiss wrong or bump them I am in BIG TIME PAIN. upper lip only, not in the lip line, thank GOD. I have facial bumps, had one removed already because it was so darn noticable. This JUNK under my skin is going NO WHERE. it's here to stay unless you dig up every lump and leave me disfigured. I am afraid how I will look as I age more.
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Did your surgeon list the Risks, on your Consent form. The doctor who harmed me said he verbally informed me, he DID NOT, because who in the right mind would agree for starters to the drug company terminalogy - NODULES. Sanofi was AWARE PRIOR to also the Granulomas. Try telling me, patients didn't complain in Europe of this Symtoms that appeared. Not the lumps and bumps. Lumps and bumps sure describes nothing. Who wants lumps and bums on their face or under their skin, as if that is suppose me okay. NOT
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it wasn't your surgeon, it's the product!!!
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painful inflammatory nodules and now a diognosis of a biofilm infection. Sculptra causes so many medical problems. We need to gather these adverse events that the manufacture and the FDA want to sweep under the carpet. This is a long lasting painful complication I was not warned was even possible.

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"My surgeon is so Special. I am still in shock." LOL! Mine is too!
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My surgeon is so Special. I am still in shock.
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