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Sculptra Around Cheek/eye Area

I had sculptra yesterday. My doctor has a very...

I had sculptra yesterday. My doctor has a very good reputation. I cant remember though how long and how often I should continue to massage.

I had it done around the cheek/eye area. I have a bit of swelling under one eye with fluid accumulation under that same eye, but it is not bad at all. I have six weeks before I go for the next one, but can you massage too much and too vigorously.

How to massage? How long and how often? Can anyone tell me?
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I have heard that you should not get Sculptra Injections in the eye area. I thought they were only for the marionette lines so I am afraid to try other areas. I've also read some horror stories about them in the approved areas where people had little balls form even after massaging the area following the injections.
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My doctor recommends 5 minutes x 5 times daily x 5 days ( 5X5X5)I have had 2 treatments of Sculptra over a 5 month period, very spaced out I know but unfortunately, I read some not-so-good stuff about the product after my first session and was not sure if I wanted to continue. Anyway, I got the second one approx 5 weeks ago as I had had no adverse reactions. That said I have not noticed any signs of improvement either!
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Thanks for replying to my query. I feel the same way and wonder whether I will go for a second Sculptra. So nervous after reading some of the reviews on here. I think the difference is subtle and for some reason, I look better, fresher in the mornings. Cant put my finger on where or how but definitely round the eyes. I didnt have it round the eyes though I had it in the cheeks but as I said there is improvement but hard to say how!
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