Lessening Effects of Dysport for my Frown Lines and Crows Feet

Love Dysport - had botox done once before as well....

Love Dysport - had botox done once before as well. I just wouldn't have it done around my eyes again. It forces more wrinkles under my eyes than I had before.

I had dysport injected for my frown lines and crows feet. I don't like the results around my eyes. Any suggestions on how to lessen the effects around my eyes without having to just wait it out for the next 3 months?


MLG123 - I know how you feel, i had dysport injections for my frown lines and it worked fine, but I also had 3 units each side for crows feet with awful results! it's caused puffiness under my eyes that is there when my face is at rest butand when I smile or laugh I look like I have big bags under my eyes. Did your eyes go back to normal after the dysport wore off?
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It depend on what you do not like. some times the problem can be improved by using botox on other muscles to improve or achieve the improvement you want See your plastic surgeon
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