Polidocanol for Varicose Veins, Lost Consciousness

I had an out-patient surgery for varicose veins...

I had an out-patient surgery for varicose veins last week that resulted in a loss of blood pressure, severe sweating and complete loss of consciousness about 7 minutes from leaving the treatment office. I had no idea that was going to happen to me and I even wrecked my vehicle in the process of leaving the office.

The information posted on this site suggests there might be more information about the chemical (Polidocanol) and other reactions to it.

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I think the doctor is too busy trying to sell things to support the business.

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you should have never attempted to leave the office in that condition.
all these things can happen from a simple anxiety attack. i would say that you as a patient should not have any office procedures any further. i doubt it had much to do with the polidocanol.
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I'm a doctor. I did 10.000 patients with polidocanol. Only 2 patients almost faint. No allergies, 1% of the patients had temporary stains for afew months. No necrosis. The product is safe if the Doctor or the technitian have the kowlodge and the proper technique.
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