2nd Treatment, Worried About Using Obagi Afterwards

Hi, I had my first fraxel 3 months ago and my...

Hi, I had my first fraxel 3 months ago and my doctor recommended me to use obagi right after treatment and I am still using that product. But it's really hurt, specially when I use vitamin c on my face. Have anyone used it? If not what did you put on your face after fraxel? It is really painful and still can see the redness when Iuse it every night.

I have my 2nd treatment tomorrow but I am really scare that I have to use again. Can you help me what I have to use for fast result without pain?

Did anyone use OBAGI after fraxel?
Yes, I still use Obgai blender + trentinoin cream each day since my 3 fraxel treatments. With any new product, your skin needs at least a good month to start accepting a new "foreign" treatment. My skin was really oily at first. Now it is just fine.
my provider suggested that i use hydrocortisone cream.... so at first i didn't use that, but i used grapeseed oil because it doesn't clog pores, but then i switched over to hydrocortisone because i exfoliated early and got a rash and then the rash cleared up after using hydrocortisone, the only down side is that it clogs pores... but it wasn't too bad and doesn't hurt. you can also use vaseline or Aquafor.
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