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Had 2 kids and breastfed both. I went from a 32C...

Had 2 kids and breastfed both. I went from a 32C before my kids, then after weaning, they shrunk to a 32A. They were mushy too!! I decided that I will not be a 28 year old with 88 year old looking breasts!!

I got saline implants, under the muscle, with the incision around the bottom of the areola. I am 5'3" and 110lbs. My implants are 300cc each.

I am now a 32D. I LOVE MY BOOBS!!!! I now feel more womanly since my shape is hourglass. Before I felt like a 12 year old girl with no breasts. Also, the pain was completely bearable....I hardly needed any of my prescribed pain meds.

My doctor is AWESOME!!

Lafayette Plastic Surgeon

He suggested the size (which was perfect for me), it was affordable($4000), and I was practically pain free during my recovery time. I hardly needed any pain meds.

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Do u have any pics. I'm 5'4 110 pounds and 27yrs old. 32a is my range and I'm looking to upgrade
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This was about 4 years ago. My breast have gotten even smaller since then. I am a very small C cup/large B cup. I am going back to my same Dr. in December for an upgrade. I plan on 350-375cc. Hopefully this will get me into a D cup. Her prices did go up a little (about $5500) and there is usually an extra fee for implant replacement, but returning clients get a discount.
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Sorry I meant to post this on my own link!!! But I used Dr. Glass in Lafayette, LA!
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