I Am Small & Petite - Implants Were a Huge Mistake in Every Way

Horrible decision! I had saline implants and...

Horrible decision! I had saline implants and hated them. They have now been removed. They looked obvious and fake, they made sleeping uncomfortable, hugging felt strange, my muscles felt gross at times, and I thought they made me look fatter.

I am very small and petite. In addition, I have girls and I realized I was not a good role model with these water bags and I NEVER want them to do something so dumb to their bodies.

Now the implants are out but I am left with numbness and some stretched skin. I will take it over those implants!! Women with implants look sooooo obvious, especially in swimwear. They also attract only the wrong type of guys and make classy women think you are pathetic.

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I am wondering the same thing as "whitegal". I had 425cc implants in January 2008. Since then I have had a baby girl. I feel the same thing about being a bad role model for her. I either want to go much smaller or take them out. Can you explain the process you went through in more detail?
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I hate my implants too. I want them removed, but I am afraid of what I will look like after. Did your chest look deformed after removal? And what size implants did you have? Any help would be great! Thanks
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We men don't care if they look "obvious" or not. We care if they look nice. Most men who don't tell you this are either lying to you or rare (as in men who like smallish boobs). You need more honest male friends.
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ha ha:) sound like PS comment:))))
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Hi. I'm sorry that you had to go through all that you did, and I'm happy that you made a good decision to reverse what you feel was a "bad decision." Can I ask what your height and weight is? I'm debating getting saline implants but I share concerns which are now you're regrets. I also have girls. How long did you have them before you removed then? Did you enjoy any part of having the implants? Thanks.
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