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Tummy Tuck Incision Question

Pros: stomach is flat even though it is swollen. ...

Pros: stomach is flat even though it is swollen. Recovering well.

Cons: didn't expect the discomfort to last so long. Drains were uncomfortable and garmet doesn't work for me. Have bought 3 additional garmets in different styles. All are uncomfortable and gather at the sides after awhile. Finally found a panty that goes to the bottom of my breast. Feels much better.

Had the tummy tuck to lose the fat that was hanging on my stomach and sides.

I had a tummy tuck 3 1/2 weeks ago. Everything is healing well, drains are out...but i noticed today that my incision is 'hard' on the inside all along the incision line yet when i press anywhere else its soft. It feels almost rock hard. Should i be worried or is this normal?
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it will be for a bit but once u start your scar therapy it will get better and dont stop wareing the stomach gather it helps with everything ;) so just try and keep that up keep us posted chicky
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i have it too, and im over 2 months post op. i keep pushing on it and its hard as a rock. im worried about it, but i guess its normal? i did not notice mine until about 2 weeks ago, after most of the swelling was gone. then it was totally obvious and it freaked me out.
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I have that too. My doctor said its normal and its scar tissue from around the stitches and it will eventually flatten out.
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