Upturned Tip Post Op (Vancouver, BC)

Pros-minimal pain. Cons-long healing time, up to...

Pros-minimal pain. Cons-long healing time, up to one year. Not liking results of surgery, only time will tell, have to very long for final results.

I am 4 weeks post op from Rhinoplasty to rid my nose of a bump. Now, my tip is turned up. Will this come down? The doctor denies touching the tip but my nose is shorter (less projected) and turned up so all you see are nostrils. Also, the tip is more bulbous than it was pre-op, is this just swelling?

Hi - I know it has been a while since you submitted your review. Did the issue resolve itself? Are you still unhappy with your rhinoplasty results?
it would be really helpful to know who your doctor was if you had a bad experience :)
Swelling has come down, minimal swelling still remains on some days, bottom 2/3 of nose. Tip did drop some (made a HUGE difference), nostrils aren't as visible, and nose did get a bit longer as it dropped so not too shorter but not TOO short. Still upturned a bit but if it drops even a little bit more it'll be perfect. In the end it does look way better than before the surgery. The first 2-3 months after surgery it had looked worse and I was not pleased at all. I see surgeon in 2 months for follow up, thats when he expects healing to be near complete.
Name not provided

Unhappy with how little time he spent talking to me before and after surgery. Dismissive.

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