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Is This Uneven Swelling or Will I Need Revision

I had open tip rhnoplasty to remove the hump and...

I had open tip rhnoplasty to remove the hump and straighten my nose about a month ago the hump is gone and I'm happy with that but it still seems asymetrical

one month after surgey after taking a pictue one nostril seems higher up and slightly larger with a deeper scar than the other which looks relatively normal. Is this due to swelling and will it even it's self out or will I need revision if possible to fix in a years time?

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It's up to the individual. He is nice, professional and reassuring.

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Hi, i'm having the same problem and i'm only a month post op. Can you tell me if everything evened out a year later? it's been extremely depressing for me.
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Hey, I am having the same issue and posted some videos on youtube. My swelling is so hard and it is really numb on one side more than the other so when I push nothing happens :( Check out my blog to see what I mean http://www.youtube.com/user/TineERbeaner Good luck!
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Hi Jennace,

Video diaries are really helpful. Would you mind writing a quick review of your experience too? We can embed your Youtube videos in the review; just mention the link when you submit.


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Thanks so much thats reassuring I'm glad others have been through the same I'll keep you updated! I'm going back to see my surgeon in a couple of weeks so hopefully he can do that for me as I don't want to start pressing it myself just yet?
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Hi, I am post one month rhinoplasty also. I had the same thing happened it looked asymetrical from the front its all swelling. I went to my Dr and he pushed real hard on the side that looked uneven and I could hear a squeeze of fluid come out on the inside. It was obviously the swelling cause he checked the bones they were even. After he did the two the side I could see it looking more even. The morning is the worst because your lying flat during the night and you wake up like a ballon in the morning. He gave me instructions to press doen with my thumb on the swollen side every morning to drain the fluid. Don't freak out because its only a month remember it takes ^ months to a year to see the final results. I freaked out at first cause my nose changed shapes with healing its normal for it to look worst then get better. Don't think revision just yet.
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