Two Times Shame on Me.

I did my nose for modeling and acting! Also, it...

I did my nose for modeling and acting! Also, it was something i had always wanted to fix! I was satisfied with my job but i wish there was more done! I did say I wanted it to look natural, which was successful but now I want to look a bit more drastic!

How can I get the best African American doctor who understands exactly what I want?

Photo Update

Dr. Smith

A little unprofessional

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It might be the picture, but it seems like your face slightly skews to the left. Like your mouth is more to the left compared to your eyes. So since your right nostril is bigger than the left, it sort of balances it out. If you reduce the right nostril, it might emphasize the minor asymmetry. This might be totally wrong since i only have that one pic to look at..maybe try taking a "front on" pic with no makeup or effects and then photoshop your nose to see if indeed any assymmetries are exaggerated.
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i would leave it as is! don't mess with it...unless u wanna look lil kim or janet jackson
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I think dr. Sam Rizk in NYC would be good. I looked at his pictures and just love it...the only thing for me is that I can't afford paying over 10k
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go to dr michael jones. he is really good at what he does. I went for a consult which was $80 dollars. his office is nice and he is really nice as well. i have surgery soon and its going to cost me 8k
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Where is Dr. Jones located?
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I think you look really beautiful exactly the way you are. I wouldnt change a thing if I looked like you.
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