Still Got Bump and Tip Go Downward by It Normal?

I underwent a nose job 14 days ago to remove a...

i underwent a nose job 14 days ago to remove a hump and to elevate the far not so good..

am not satisfied with my i went to remove a hump and to elevate the tip..but so far i cant see anyimprovments..even my mom thought that my doc didnt do so depressed and concerned..anyhelp?

as after removal of splint n swelling subsidized..i found that a small lump is still on the left side of my bridge..and more to my frustrationday by day i find that the tip is going downward..n whn i asked my doctor he said that its not a bone its residual swelling and the tip after time will go upward is it true?..anyhelp or advice?should i wait?wat to do?

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Hi hassna I had my rhino 12 days ago to remove a hook-like hump ton my bridge. I have healed miraculously well - hardly any bruising and minimal swelling, which really came as a surprise as I was expecting to be black & blue & swollen for weeks! The cast came off 6 days ago and 2 days later I noticed a small hump at the top of my nose - not at all like the previous hump (which basically was my whole nose) but just at the top, about 1cm long, ending where the cartilage of the tip starts. There is a slight indentation where the bone ends & the tip starts. Well I started to panic when I saw that! SOme people say it gives my nose more character & a more natural look than being completely straight. But I am not happy with the humo, no matter how small, after paying so much to have my nose fixed! Some people on this forum have said humps like this sometimes appear then go away. Did yours go away since June? I can't see how mine can "disappear" because it it hard like bone, so I doubt it is swelling. What was your experience?
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Honey, its been 14're nose hasn't even BEGUN to heal yet!!! Up to a year my dear, up to a still have 342 days to go...give it time, the swelling will not go down for quite some time, I got my nose done a month ago (same surgery) and there is still an incredible amount of swelling, and I am starting to feel irregularities in my nose. They TOO will resolve in time!!! So be patient!!!
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STARkissed,thanks for ur consolation!!i hope u r right!!!i just pray each day...thank u...
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