Second Rhinoplasty Proving to Be Worth It

I recently had a second rhinoplasty based on an...

I recently had a second rhinoplasty based on an under correction from my first suregery 12 years ago. This most recent surgery I had the bump removed and the tip slightly rotated to stop drooping.

The pros have been a major improvement in my profile which was my major concern. I have a very small face.

The cons like most surgery is the risk involved. Rhinoplasty is a very detailed and precise surgery--its an art as well as science. Make sure you choose a very experienced surgeon.

I had grafts placed on each side of my tip--up above my nostrils. I'm two weeks out from surgery. As the swelling has gone down,one side of the nose the graft is visible and more pronounced. Will the graft-swelling go down as my nose selling goes down? Could this mean the graft was mis-shaped or too large?

What is the name of your doctor? I am looking for one in the NW. Thanks
hi! i'm so glad to hear things finally worked out for you! i was wondering if you could provide the name of the doctor who did your revision? thanks so much!!
Name not provided

This doctor has over twenty years of experience and is an ent surgeoun and specializes in facial plastic surgery.

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