Crooked Nose 10 Days Post Op Surgery for Deviated Septum & Large Nose

I had a larger nose than I would have liked and...

I had a larger nose than I would have liked and septum deviated badly per the doctor - however cosmetically there was not a crooked appearance. A doctor in Pasadena did the proceedure.

I had my deviated septum fixed, my bridge narrowed and my tip lifted. When my cast was removed my nose appeared somewhat straight but the surgeon gave me an exercise to try and push one side in.

My columella was tucked under and felt tight. My surgeon said that he did this on purpose and it would drop. The columella has not dropped and now my nose looks like it is drooping to the L side including the columella/ tip and the bridge. My dr said to push the cartilage to the side with my finger daily.

Please tell us who did your surgery.
I'm sorry to hear that..who was the surgeon who did this?? It might be that it just takes time to see the full results..this one girl said it took her 4 weeks to see her results and that she was depressed because it looked sooo bad in the beginning..
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