Broken Nose Repair

Too soon to tell i just had the surgery done 2...

too soon to tell i just had the surgery done 2 weeks ago so i cant rate the experience yet but so far i m not sure.

Updated on Nov 11, 2009
i had a broken nose repaired through an open reduction 4 wks ago. i also had my septum fixed. i m really worried cause the bridge of my nose looks a lot wider than it used to be. there is a bump on one side that feels like a bone. my ps said thats were the bone was cut. the other side is wider too but dosent feel as lumpy. How long will it take for my nose to look like it did before my accident. is there anything i can do to help that callus go down and swelling go down. i heard ultrasound therapy helps. pls help i had a nasal fracture repaired through an open reduction its been 2 wks and there is a hard lump on the side of my nose that feels like bone. it is swollen and if feels hard to touch like a bone is stickng out. my dr said this is where the bone was cut. the bridge of my nose and tip is significantly larger. is this normal and will it resolve?


thanks a lot for your response. i had an open reduction and i also had my spetum straightened which was bent after my injury. i was worried cause my ps forgot to put a cast on after the surgery. the medications and swallowing some mucous amongst other things made me vomit a few times . i was worried the bone could have shifted. is this possible. thanks
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Bone cuts of osteotomies always create ridges at first. The bone edges then form a callus, which is a thick deposit of bone like material. Over time, this callus smoothes out and the ridges disappear. I would be patient. If you only had an open reduction, then there are not too many moving parts to worry about.
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