Could Rhinoplasty Be Affecting my Smile?

I wasn't satisfied with original nose size or...

I wasn't satisfied with original nose size or shape, so I decided to get it reshaped. My experience at the clinic was excellent, friendly staff and experienced doctor. I'm not too far along in my recovery, but, so far, I'm satisfied with my result.

I am a post-op for rhinoplasty. I've been recovering pretty quickly and I haven't been having any problems really, other than this: I've noticed that after my surgery, my smile changed. Now, whenever I smile, my top lip doesn't go up as much as it use to and the top teeth barely show. My smile looks not only forced but very, very strange. Why is it like this, is it normal? If so, how long before my smile returns to normal?


Hi Could you please let me know the name of doctor because I am also planning to have one.
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I would also be very interested in knowing, at least the Dr.'s initials - it is difficult to find referrals in NC. Thanks!
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could u tell me where in north carolina u got ur rhinoplasty?
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