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Nose Tip Feels "Woody" and Hard After Open Rhinoplasty

I had my first OPEN rhinoplastic surgery on...

I had my first OPEN rhinoplastic surgery on 7-24-09 and my nose tip has been woody ever since. My doctor said he did not put any plastic or anything of the sort in my nose. so why does it feel woody? and will it go away?

Why does my nose tip feel "woody" and "hard" after...

Why does my nose tip feel "woody" and "hard" after rhinoplsty?
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I am not a doctor. But if you had a columellar strut placed, that may be causing the firmness on it.
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I have not found the steroids at a dose of Kenalog 10 approximately 1/3 cc into the deep subcutaneous tissue to be dangerous. You don't want to have too high a concentration or too high a dose.
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The open rhinoplasty approach can sometimes lead to prolonged edema of the tip. If you had a very fatty tip your surgeon may have also defatted the tip and this can also lead to a more firm nose during the healing process. This sensation should resolve with time. An injection of steroid to the tip may expedite the process, but, your surgeon will need to make this decision based on how your tip feels to them.
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Thanks Doctor Schoenfeld!
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Hi Dr S, My ps has said that it dangerous to have steroid injections and she will give them to me. I live in the uk, what would be the best i could do? could I go to another surgeon? Thanks Unhappy :(
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