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Will my Over-projected and Slightly Crooked Nose Post-op Diminish over Time?

Pros: Not as painful as I anticipated. Surgeon had...

Pros: Not as painful as I anticipated. Surgeon had great communication with me which I feel is vital prior to any surgical procedure. Profile looks completely straight.

Cons: Inevitably, post-opp was reasonably uncomfortable. Nose still feels congested as if I have a cold. I appreciate the fact there is still swelling, but tip of nose looks very over-projected and there still seems to be a slight bump on one side of my nose making it appear crooked.

Why I had rhinoplasty: Had a large over-projected tip and a bump in my nose which was larger on one side, making it appear crooked.

Will my over-projected and slightly crooked nose...

Will my over-projected and slightly crooked nose post-op diminish over time? -- Updated on Aug 29, 2009: Immediately when the cast was taken off I saw a considerable difference. Finally I had a perfectly straight profile and the crookedness seemed completely eradicated!However, the tip still looks over projected and I am concerned that my surgeon was being too careful in not 'de-projecting' it enough; which was my other major concern. In fact, the length is now even more noticable; now that the bump is gone, there is more focus on the fact it is a long, large nose. If my surgeon says he did take back the tip a bit, is there a good chance there is quite a bit of swelling? To me it just looks exactly the same minus a bump. My surgeon said to me he was taken aback by the minimal swelling I had which makes me think I won't see much of a noticable change in the future :( Help would be appreciated, Thanks
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Great communication, very emminent surgeon within my area.

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Hey.. I don't know if you still follow this but if you do I was wondering if your nose improved after swelling went down? Reading your problem sounds like i'm hearing myself. I had mine 9 days ago and my nose looks so long from my profile! Well the top doesn't, just the tip does. He straightened the bump but the tip looks over projected big time. I don't know if that's bc of swelling since that seems to be every doctors answer lol. They might be right but I'm freaking out regardless! I mean my tip is clearly swollen but even after the swelling goes down, I don't know if my nose will look less long from the profile view. What happened with yours if you don't mind sharing? Did the tip stop looking over projected eventually? I hope it did for you!
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hey dont worry about the tip. i had a rhinoplasty too and the tip does go down. your still early in the healing process. I know its hard but u must be pacient. good luck
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It's most likely swelling.
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