Wide Nose After Surgery to Correct Dorsal Hump from Broken Nose

I had my surgery done because i broke my nose, it...

I had my surgery done because i broke my nose, it was done yesterday the pain is okay and the swelling is getting worse but not that bad. But my nose look really wide.

Yesterday i had a closed septo-rhinoplasty because some time ago I broke my nose, also I had a small dorsal hump removed but nothing else, the problem is that the nose near the nostrils is wider than ever. Is this due to swelling? Will it look like it used to? Any help would be really appreciated.

Hello John, Best thing to do would be to follow closely with your Surgeon and allow more time for healing. Rhinoplasty surgery has several stages of healing and the initial stages (first 1 to 4 weeks) features lots of swelling, bruising and distortion of the nose. Follow your postop instructions and give yourself more time to heal - the appearance of your nose will continue to change with time. Take Care, Dr. Kamran Jafri
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