Difficult Emotionally - Want the Nose Droop to Return a Bit!

Did not expect the emotional turmoil of the...

Did not expect the emotional turmoil of the dramatic change. Not able to recognize myself and have lost sense of ethnic identity that I had. Regret doing it.

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Did not prepare me for level of changes/ Did not provide enough options.

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Hey Rani-- would like some update from you since i'm going thru the same right now.
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I'm very depressed about the results too. I'm only 2 months post op. I hope I can live with my new face. My nose was crooked and I wanted a straight one but now I look like an elephant.
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I feel exactly the same about losing my ethnic identity and the depression is great. Did you get a revision done? If so, let me know how it turned out, I really need help too. Thanks!
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Dont worry,the same happened to me..no bump but im a completly different person. Give it some time and see how it looks,if it doesnt work out then go for a revision rhinoplasty.
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