Very Unhappy my Nostrils Are Visable

Hi I recently had rhinoplasty just over a week ago...

Hi I recently had rhinoplasty just over a week ago. I was content with my previous nose but just wanted the slight hump removed on my bridge and a bit of my bulbous tip made slightly smaller.

im unsure wether or not I will be happy with my nose as I do understand it takes a while to settle. At the moment however I'm unhappy with it as I believe its changed me.

My surgeon was well qualified (BAPRAS) but im just worried that I will be stuck will my nostrils showing (i feel a lot less confident & attractive because of it).

I am very worried/upset now though as I am very aware that I can see my nostrils now whereas I didn't before (I had no if very little nostril showing). Would this be because of swelling? All comments much appreciated.


If you don't mind me asking why are you having a revision? weren't you happy with the outcome? I'm positive im going to ask for a revision also
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I know what you mean about being fearful of further surgery. I am presently scheduled for revision surgery this coming September.
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Have you seen any improvement since the time that you wrote this?
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