Very Unhappy my Nostrils Are Visable

Hi I recently had rhinoplasty just over a week ago...

Hi I recently had rhinoplasty just over a week ago. I was content with my previous nose but just wanted the slight hump removed on my bridge and a bit of my bulbous tip made slightly smaller.

im unsure wether or not I will be happy with my nose as I do understand it takes a while to settle. At the moment however I'm unhappy with it as I believe its changed me.

My surgeon was well qualified (BAPRAS) but im just worried that I will be stuck will my nostrils showing (i feel a lot less confident & attractive because of it).

I am very worried/upset now though as I am very aware that I can see my nostrils now whereas I didn't before (I had no if very little nostril showing). Would this be because of swelling? All comments much appreciated.
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If you don't mind me asking why are you having a revision? weren't you happy with the outcome? I'm positive im going to ask for a revision also
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I know what you mean about being fearful of further surgery. I am presently scheduled for revision surgery this coming September.
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Have you seen any improvement since the time that you wrote this?
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hey excuse the long delay in reply as I haven't been on this site in ages! I can tell u that im still not happy with my tip. Its not about my mostrils showing now but I do believe he's taken more off one side than the other, as it looks to slim and short on my right side. I'm going for my review next week so I'm making a point of taking pictures. I'm just scared that more surgery could make this worse :(. Hope your more satisfied with yours now?
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Hi Cara, I am having the exact same problem. My surgery was done 3 weeks ago and now my nostrils are large and prominent and the tip of my nose is very large. My nose looked so much better prior to surgery. How long ago was your surgery? Has it improved at all?
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