Upturned Nose with Large, Visible Nostrils

I've had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago to eliminate...

I've had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago to eliminate visible cartilage in my left nostril and to decrease the size of my nostrils. I had thought that it would improve my appearance and that I would be less self-conscious of the visible cartilage.

I've had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago to eliminate visible cartilage in my left nostril and to decrease the size of my nostrils. Right now I am completely devastated by all of the negative comments that I am receiving by others about "what happened to me". Although I do not look all that swollen anymore, my nose is now upturned and my nostrils are very visible and oddly shaped. I recently had a visit w/my ps who seemed irritated that I asked about it because it was too early. I understand that it is only three weeks but I still don't understand why my nose is so upturned and my nostrils so large and prominent. Will this tend to lessen with time?
I agree with the last reviewer...it's not how much money you spend...you are stupid for paying 15k for your nose. It's all about research, reviews, and pics of the doc's work not about the money spent. I paid 6800 for my nose and absolutely LOVE it. So people, don't think just because you pay 15k for a nose that you will get a perfect one...complete BS. Just do your research!!
I dont know if it's "God cursing you for your vanity" Mrs.Pugnose or the fact that for some reason people seem to cheap out on things that they by no means should cheap out on! I just got my nose done 2 weeks ago, it cost me 15,000 DOLLARS! AND I LOVE IT! People would ask how much I was paying and laughed saying that i am being ridiculous. no, I am being smart. Would you rather pay 15k up front, go through the process once and be happy? Or would you prefer having multiple surgeries to correct a mistake that YOU ultimately made. Knowledge is key! I wanted to get my nose done for YEARS (15 years, since i was a teenager-im 30 now)But i knew that there was a right and wrong way to do things. I knew that the wrong way was shopping around for the best price at some chop shop. I am by no means a millionaire, but call it my own vanity-but my face is one of my, if not my most important asset and i would spend whatever i needed to to protect it. I hope all these posts go as a warning to girls out there researching rhinoplasty. And I'm sorry you guys are having to deal with what you are going through. I truly couldnt imagine. A
You ARE crazy to have spent 15K for rhinoplasty. The key is shopping around and finding a good surgeon by looking at pictures of their work, reading reviews from other patients, and getting a feel for whether you trust them with your FACE during your consultation. A good surgeon will not necessarily be more expensive. My personal experience, paid $4,500 and absolutely love my results and my surgeon. She assured me through the process that I would love my results and I did.
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Lack of concern by provider.

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