Rhinoplasty to Correct my Deviated Septum and to Remove a Very Small Hump on my Dorsum

My name is Tahir and I am a male from London I had...

My name is Tahir and I am a male from London I had a rhinoplasty on 25 May 2009 to correct my deviated septum and to remove a very small hump on my dorsum.

I am extremely angry with the results because my surgeon reduced the length of my nose, with a dent on the left, and my tip seems uplifted and round rather then pointy. A long pointy nose really suited my face. Is it possible to get my old nose back?

Is it possible to get my long nose back?


hi.tahir how are you my name is kazim i have the same problem but your nose looks ok much better than my nose. contact me.

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Hiya mate. am from manchester and i had the exact operation in 2008 and my nose used to be long and pointy attractive. Till i had operation to fix deviation.He also took all my tip off!!luckily you can have the tip back.with cartillage used from your rib,ear or inside your nose.try harley street lpondon
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Hello mate thats good news but would it feel natural like it did before Is your back to long and pointy now?
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