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Nose Job - Removed Hump, Nose is Thinner and Nostrils Are Bigger

I had a nose job. I removed a hump, the nose is...

I had a nose job. I removed a hump, the nose is thinner and my nostrils are bigger than before. I did it for two reasons. For the looks and beacuse I had problem to breath with mu nose.

Hi! 3 1/2 weeks ago I had a nose job. I think it looks good so far, but the nose tip is pretty swollen (round)if you compare to the rest of the nose. I have heard that the area around the nose tip takes longer time to heal. Is this true? And is it normal that the nose tip is more swollen than other parts of the nose? It looks weird, but otherwise I think it looks good..
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can you post pic please!!!
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What you've heard is true and the nasal tip is the very last part to take on its final appearance. Hang in there! --DCP
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