Impatient Waiting for Final Results - Houston, TX

I had the surgery done over 2 weeks ago. I am...

I had the surgery done over 2 weeks ago. I am still very impatient when it comes to waiting on the final results. No one really stresses the fact that recovery is up to a year.

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I think we're all in the same boat here! I was also shocked when the cast was removed, as my surgeon told me I would immediately notice the reduced hump. At one month, I have yet to see any difference in the hump. It actually appears larger and more pronounced than it had before. I am also growing more and more impatient and worried that I will never see improvement. Hearing that many people are encountering the same issues as me is the only thing keeping my sanity and giving me hope!
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You see all these awesome reveals on tv of people getting there casts taken off and seeing a beautifull nose only to be let down when your cast gets taken off. i had rhinoplasty 4 wks ago and still have a hump on my nose. i too am so impatient and embarresed to be seen, my nose still looks almost the same. This is not what i expected
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I totally know how you feel. It was such a shock when the bandages came off no one told me about how it would look and how long so was very depressed about it. For me after about two months i didnt look too hideous anymore.
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Slowy things are starting to look better and still...

Slowy things are starting to look better and still take shape. Nothing is set in stone from what I've learned on an exact time when your nose is fully healed or at the point where u have your new nose. The fact remains that this an extremely long process. At least for me anyways. To be continued....


Hello, im from houston too. Can you tell me who your doctor?
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Please update this i want to know who the dr was... even if he didnt do so well
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Name not provided

I will explain once the results are final. Too soon to tell because I base the recommendation on final results.

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