Nose Massage at 12 Days Post Op?!?!?!

It is too early on for me to review. I'm...

It is too early on for me to review. I'm extremely nervous right now about the outcome. I knew there would be swelling but I was really taken aback by the extent of it. I'm trying to remain optimistic.

I'm 12 days post-op from a secondary rhinoplasty. I had spreader grafts and lateral crural strut grafts and a columellar (sp?) graft all using my septum. I didn't need my bones broken. I'm writing because I'm nervous I've done something wrong. My face has been so stiff and my nose so hard from the I used medium pressure and pinched the middle part of my nose (narrowing it) and then moved this motion down and out away from my nose. Could I have caused any damage?


I don't think you've done any damage. My doctor in Houston has me massaging my nose and I just got my cast off yesterday (it's been 7 days since surgery). He only does face surgery and is double board certified, so I think he would know. The way you described how you massaged your nose sounds correct also, so just give it time :)
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I live in Arlington, Tx. What is your doctors name? Thanks
How is your nose doing now? Did the massage change its appearance do you think?
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