Nose Job - Straightened Nose and Corrected Breathing Issues

Surgery went well. Nose wasn't straight and had...

Surgery went well. Nose wasn't straight and had breathing issues.

Had surgery 6 weeks ago and my nose is still very swollen. There's a small bump, will this drop?


I'm in the same boat! 6 weeks ago I had a septo/rhinoplasty to correct a severely deviated (twisted) septum. My breathing is fantastic, and my nose is straight. However, I am also still very swollen, particularly in the tip and to a lesser extent on the bridge of my nose and even under my eyes a tiny bit. I am having some asymmetrical swelling (I can tell it's just swelling, because the asymmetry keeps changing!) I'm not sure what you mean by a small bump- I had a few small bumps along the side of my nose (close to where the bone was broken) that felt like a grain or rice under my skin- these have all gone away now
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