Rhinoplasty Results - is Intranasal Swelling Normal?

Pros:tip is shorter and bulbous tip is...

Pros:tip is shorter and bulbous tip is gone

Cons:infection, swelling, tenderness in nasal cavity and tip is crooked. I am worried that I went thru all of the expense and discomfort only to have less then desirable results.

Is it common to have swelling and tenderness in nasal cavity and is that the reason why my tip is pulling towards the other side?

Hey there, im not sure about the infection you may be experiencing and your nose should not be crooked. i think you should see your surgeon about that. I had my first open Rhinoplasty surgery on 7-24-09 and after my cast was removed on 7-31-09 my nose looked so ugly and fat. However, then i started taking these pills called Glutathione Reduced form 500mg. I take these pills 3 times a day and its making my nose heal quick! my nose is not that swollen anymore and its looking NICE!!!. You can purchase it from GNC online and for me its really working. Glutathione helps to detoxify the body and is essential for oxidative stress protection and is found in every living cell. any questions email: eternalsword88@yahoo.com
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Unhappy that I have intranasal infection and it does not seem to be responding to antibiotics

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