Rhinoplasty to Improve Profile, Tip and Nose Width

- To improve profile ; it had a slight hook at the...

- To improve profile ; it had a slight hook at the tip.

- To improve tip ; to push it up a little more.

- To reduce width of nose.

I had a rhinoplasty almost 4 weeks ago. The bruising subsided by the time I had my splint off 6 days later and I was actually quite happy with the results when the splint came off; my nose appeared to be defined & upturned. The swelling was extreme after I took the fibre glass tape off and now when I look at the tip of my nose in profile it seems swollen like there is a small hump on the tip of my nose. Is the immediate post-splint nose indicative of final results?

can you please tell me who was your surgent
Hi, I just had a septorhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and I am experiencing the same sort of swelling on my tip, in that I can feel a slight difference when I rub my finger down my nose. I'm not too alarmed because the tip feels kind off cushy like there is fluid in it or something, if it was hard I might be a little more alarmed. I think this is fairly normal as the tip is usually the most swollen part of the nose and tends to take the longest to go down.
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