Hump in the Nose

I did it to take the hump out of the bridge of my...

I did it to take the hump out of the bridge of my nose, and fix my deviated septum. I wanted to have more confidence in how I looked and the only thing holding me back was the shape of my nose.

I had the hump removed from my nose. Almost 2 weeks after my surgery there is still a bit of a bump where it used to be. My doctor mentioned that it will take a little time to go down. How long should it take for my nose to be fully flat?

New York Plastic Surgeon

was very helpful, gave me his cell number, gave me realistic expectations, was very trusting

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I had the same thing done, but with a slight lift of the tip... The dr.. removed some of the hump.. but there is still a hump.. and my nose is just as deviated as it was before surgery which tells me he didn't touch the deviated septum.
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