Closed Rhinoplasty to Get a More Defined Bridge - How to Fix Crooked Columella?

I'm asian and 11 years ago I had close rhinoplasty...

I'm asian and 11 years ago I had close rhinoplasty to get a more define bridge. I wasn't fully happy with the result and finally had to time to get a revision.

Aug 6, 2009 I had close rhinoplasty b/c my columella was crooked and I had uneven nostril shape. My right side of alar was slanted, it looked like very narrow oval shape. Its been six weeks and I can see an improvement in alar and nostril shape. However, my columella is still crooked. My doctor told me he tried to fix the columella but he couldn't because I had crooked columella for 11 years. Currently my nostril size is uneven, my left side of nostril is smaller b/c of swelling.

My bridge was more define but now I was unhappy with the base of my nose. After close rhinoplasty, I got a crooked columella which made the nostril shape uneven.

After all the swelling go down on the base of my nose, would columella be straight? What can I do to make the columella straight? What are my options? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sometimes the uneven results after rhinoplasty are entirely due to swelling. Here's a related thread with a few answers from doctors on that subject: Crooked columella and uneven nostrils after Rhinoplasty

Best of luck with your recovery!

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