First Rhinoplasty Left Me with Asymetrical Nose

I did it because my first rhinoplasty was terrible...

I did it because my first rhinoplasty was terrible. I was left with a deformed, asymetric nose. The bridge was too long and caused the nose to droop down. I had my original rhinoplasty because I was always very self conscious about my nose. Kids can be so cruel.

3 weeks after my rhinoplasty I was driving in the car. A car cut me off and I got heated, smacked my arm into the side of the door. Shortly afterwards I felt a bit dizzy and my nose became very stuffy. Is is possible that these are related? Did I ruin my nose, I know it seems like a silly question because I didnt actually hit my nose but its my second nose and I am a nervous wreck. Is it possible the vibration shifted something?

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He was amazing.

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Hi, if you wouldn't mind giving me the name of the 2nd surgeon. I need a good one.thank you and good luck.
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