Not Worth It - Hate my Nostrils Showing

I had rhinoplasty several months ago. I am not...

I had rhinoplasty several months ago. I am not happy with the results because too much nostril is showing and I had NO nostrils showing prior to surgery. This was a huge mistake and I wish I never had the surgery.

Do I need a revision and how is it done?

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I am having the same problem! I just had surgery 11 days ago but only one nostril is showing and huge! The shape of each nostril is completely different. One is round and the other is high and triangular. I look completely different!! Does this get better??

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Hi Luke, Has time improved the outcome of your surgery? I am having the same problem but just had my surgery 3 weeks ago and I am hoping that the nostrils showing so much is a result of swelling. I hate looking in the mirror!
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Hi, has the outcome improved for you so far? are the nostrils still showing as much?
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Revision rhinoplasty can be a complex procedure. First, discuss this with your original surgeon. If you are not satisfied with the answer, seek out a specialist for advice and to consider a revision. Too much nostril showing can be due to a number of different factors so it is difficult to answer here without an personal exam.
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